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Demerits Of Well Drilling Equipment

Well drilling equipment refers to the machinery required in the digging of boreholes so as to access underground sources of water. These usually occur in a number of designs depending on a number of factors among which there is availability, affordability as well as skill.

The first tool that is the most modern and most effective so far, is that of the use of large drilling equipment. These tools are very large in size. They in most cases are used in urban areas by the modernized people. However, they may also be used even in rural areas where the land or ground is too hard to be drilled by ordinary tools such as hoes.

The use of this one in particular has got very many advantages as well as disadvantages. The merits include the fact that it can be used for very hard soils that cannot be dug using manual labor. Next, it is of importance when identifying where to locate the hole. This avoids digging of many stray holes with no apparent design. It also makes the digging process extremely easy as compared to using manual labor.

However, there also are disadvantages. Among them is the fact that the tool is very expensive making its use quite selective. Much as the local people are the ones that need it most, it can be afforded by those that do not need it much, making it almost useless then. Also, the force it generates destabilizes the land and can lead to effects of these, which include landslides.

The local method of performing this task is through the use of digging materials that are operated by people. These include hoes among others. The method is in most cases used by those that cannot afford the other method because if they did, then they would have used it instead.

This method has got its own advantages and disadvantages as well. Among the advantages is the fact that the owner does not spend the lump sum amount of money needed to get that modern equipment. Also, it is a bit gentle with the ground and may not lead to destruction of landscape.

Disadvantages however include the fact that the procedure is extremely tedious and time consuming. Also, the prediction of the digging sites using local skills may lead to digging of a series of blind holes when digging is done in vain. These leads to very ugly landscape, pauses danger should anything fall into the holes and also becomes very expensive because labor has to be catered for every other time whether water is found or not.

Well drilling equipment is necessary for provision of water especially in areas with no tapped water. Whichever the procedure or tools employed, of importance is that finally, water is obtained. Both methods have been used over time.

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