Kamis, 20 November 2014

Windows 9 Launched In 2015 - what advantages

The Windows operating system among the most widely used by computer users all over the world rumored to be renewed again through Microsoft. Recently proven spreads information concerning the appearance of Windows 9, which is actually scheduled for release in early 2015. This news was reinforced by a report launched by Mary Jo Foley. Foley is a leading Microsoft watchers have been shown to be accurate in making predictions related towards the latest products to be launched through Microsoft.

The question, then what are the benefits of Windows 9, compared with the prior versions of Windows? According to the information, Windows 9 will be free with regard to users of Windows earlier versions of Windows for example Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Home windows 7. Meanwhile, users of Windows 8 as well as Windows 8.1 will only obtain two rations updates only. Ration the update and then improve performance and fixes bugs. Because information that Microsoft calls Windows 9 codenamed Tolerance.

Judging from the pictures that move, display and icon that will show up in the Windows 9 is very little different from Windows 8 or Home windows 8.1. There is still an average Windows start menu in the best right corner, combined with the metro UI such as the start menu in Windows 8 Moreover contrasting colors continue to be going to decorate the background associated with Windows 9.

Rumored Windows 9 may also be a universal operating system that works with all types of gadgets Computers, tablets, and Smartphone. So the user will automatically be simpler to synchronize the devices that use the Windows OS hers. Microsoft is currently focusing on a Windows 9 will present some excellent features that may facilitate users. However, these feature still not known at the moment. Itís also optimistic that Windows 9 will receive a good share of the position. But until today once the official release schedule of Windows 9 continues to be not known with certainty.

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